Who are the W Brothers?


Walker Schlundt

Walker C. Schlundt is a graduate of Faulkner University and Auburn University Montgomery.  In 2006 he graduated with a Pre-Med Biology degree with a minor in Biblical Studies, and in 2009 he graduated from Auburn University's School of Nursing with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing.  Walker has been a member of the Montgomery Symphony since the age of 15.  Walker is the director of the Montgomery Suzuki Violinists and currently has fifteen young students in his studio.  He was classically trained from the beginning and now has played for over 19 years. 

Personal E-mail: Wschlundt@hotmail.com


Walden Schlundt

Walden B. Schlundt recently graduated from Evangel Family Christian Academy and  is a Junior at Faulkner University majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine.  Walden has applied to Auburn University Montgomery's School of Nursing and hopes to attend there in the fall.  He is a member of the Montgomery Symphony.  Walden enjoys studying, reading, playing outside, camping and practicing violin.  In combination with Westley, Walden has started a program teaching young students in Tallassee. He is classically trained and started at the age of 4.

Personal E-mail: SchlundtWalden@hotmail.com


Westley Schlundt

Westley K. Schlundt is a Sophomore at Faulkner University.  He is a double major choosing both Biology and Music.  He enjoys working with the Faulkner University Dinner theatre as well as singing in the Faulkner University Chorus.  He is a virtuoso in various instruments including piano, guitar, viola, cello and violin.  He is a member of the Montgomery Symphony as well as a member of the group the Honkytonk Hustlas.

Personal E-mail:  westleyschlundt@hotmail.com